Thirsty Thursdays

How to host a Thirsty Thursday Party

All of our members are invited to host a Thirsty Thursday Party.

  • You pick the date and the time that’s convenient for you (any day of the week works).
  • Keep it simple and just ask those attending to “bring some snacks and some beverages”.
  • Late afternoon-to-very early evenings might work best for those that don’t like driving their Corvettes in the dark.
  • Provide your address, contact phone number, and email address.

Let us know if you want to host a Corvette Thirsty Thursday Party and we will promote your party in our email updates so you can get RSVPs (feel free to limit the number of people attending if you need to). We can also mention your Corvette Thirsty Thursday Party at our weekly Corvette Breakfast events at Oscar’s Family Restaurant and in our monthly club meeting, after our monthly Corvette car show!

To start arranging YOUR Corvette Thirsty Thursday Party, click the “Contact/Email” tab/link at the top menu of this web page. In the Subject box, type, “We’d Love To Host a Corvette Thirsty Thursday Party” and feel free to ask any questions as well.

And remember…

You may take some pictures of your event and we will be glad to publish them on our website on the “Recent Events” page!

This is a great way to get to know one another, hang out, relax, enjoy some food and drink, talk Vettes, laugh, share stories, and have a good-old Corvette time!